Avoid Costly Delivery Delays & Errors

Prevents users from shipping loans unless all required documents are present and sorted in the correct stack order.

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Automatic Scanning for Mortgage Loan Documents

Use LoanStacker to automate the process of scanning and filing loan documents using powerful Optical Character Recognition technology.

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Mortgage OCR Data Capture Solutions

LoanStacker is designed to identify mortgage documents to enable originators and underwriters to quickly find and sort documents.

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LoanStacker can…

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Fanatical Support

Receive industry leading support from real people, based in our office in the United States!

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Industry Experience

With nearly two decades of document management experience, LoanStacker has the expertise for any sized project!

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Flexibility & Scalability

LoanStacker uses prebuilt forms, saving you countless hours, but has the flexibility to be customized further!

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