Mortgage Data Capture Solutions

LoanStacker is designed to identify mortgage documents to enable originators and underwriters to quickly find needed documents and automatically sort applications by investor stack orders.

Banks and warehouse lenders that purchase loans have an additional data entry task. The loan application data must be key entered from the application into a database or LOS, an expensive and time consuming manual step. This step can also be automated.

LoanStacker was developed by ScanStore, a leading systems integrator for OCR data capture solutions. ScanStore has also developed out-of-the-box recognition systems using ABBYY FlexiCapture that can read common mortgage forms like the Uniform Residential Loan Application (1003), HUD-1 Settlement Statement and Appraisal Report (1004) and automatically capture all of the key information using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Data captured from loan documents can be automatically updloaded to any database or LOS using the same integration methods used by LoanStacker.

LoanStacker and FlexiCapture work together to identify and sort the application, then automatically route specific documents for data extraction in FlexiCapture.

New forms are being added to our portfolio all the time, and our mortgage document specialization lets us develop new templates for much less than other integrators. Any data on any mortgage document can be located and extracted using our software. Any data entry task can be automated.

For more information check out the OCR data extraction software page on ScanStore or read about ABBYY FlexiCapture software. Please Contact Us or use the ScanStore Contact Form to find out more or request a demo.

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LoanStacker’s document recognition, naming and seamless integration with the Encompass eFolder has made our company more efficient and profitable. Organized paperless files easily accessible by all departments from multiple locations has revolutionized HomeStar’s business.

Wes Hunt
President, HomeStar Financial

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