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How do you configure OMR fields for check box recognition?

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SimpleIndex supports simple check box recognition function that will give a field the value “1” when the amount of black pixels exceeds the specified threshold for that zone and “0” if not.

To configure a field for Optical Mark Recognition, select “OMR” for the field type on the Index options tab. In the Zones & OCR settings, click “Set Field Coordinates” and follow the on-screen instructions to mark the check box region on the image as you would with an OCR field. Use unchecked check boxes for your sample image.

After drawing the zone and selecting the OMR field from the list, you will be prompted to enter a pixel threshold for the field. The number shown is the current number of black pixels in the selected zone. If the box is unchecked, the threshold should be slightly higher (10-20%).

If you enter a negative number for the threshold, images that exceed the threshold will have the OMR zone saved to a separate file. This is useful for signature capture and similar applications.