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How do you configure the Autofill feature?

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The Autofill feature of SimpleIndex is an easy way to associate many index fields with one document without retyping data that already exists in another application. 

Autofill uses a database lookup to retrieve records that match a key value entered by the user. Blank index fields are then filled in automatically with the data from this lookup. The result is a document database with many different possible search fields, of which only one needed to be entered during scanning.

To configure the Autofill feature first go to the Index tab and define the field that will be used to perform the lookup. Each value in this field should correspond to a single record in the database, usually defined as the “Primary Key”. This field can be any type, including Barcode and OCR for full automation.

Next click “Configure Index Autofill” button. Here is where you will setup the database lookup. The “Match Data Source” is configured the same way as the “Data Source” on the Database tab. It can be the path to an MDB file, an ODBC data source or OleDB connection string. Click “Set” to browse to an Access MDB file or type the connection string.

Once the data source is set, the drop-downs for the Table and Field names will be populated. Select the table or query that contains the data, then select the field in the database that will be used for lookup. Under “SimpleIndex Key Field 1” select the field you defined in the first step.

“Key Field 2” gives you the option to use 2 field values to perform the lookup if a single unique matching value doesn’t exist.

Click OK and go back to the Index tab.

Finally set the field type to “Autofill” on every field you want to populate from the database. In the “Template” for all the Autofill fields put the name of the corresponding database field that will be used to populate it.

Now when a value is entered for the key field, the Autofill fields will be filled in automatically from the database!

Cascading List Mode
Cascading List Mode is a powerful new feature introduced in 8.2 that lets you filter each list field by the values you select. For example, you could have lists for Vendor Name and Invoice Number, and when you select a Vendor from the list, the Invoice Number list will only show invoices from the selected vendor.