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You can tell SimpleIndex what types of files it should process and which file types to ignore. 

This is done by clicking “Job Options” On the “Batch” tab you will find a field labeled “Input file types or mask”. These are the file types that SimpleIndex will input files from. The default types are: 


To process all files, enter *

SimpleIndex will ignore any file whose extension does not appear on the list.

In SimpleIndex 6 or above you can enter file masks to filter input files. Some examples are:

abc*.pdf (PDF files starting with “abc”)
ab??ef.* (All files starting with “ab”, 2 characters and “ef”)

It is possible to have some file types open automatically in their default application. This can be done by inserting a pipe “|” into the list. Any file types after the pipe will be opened in their default application. For example:


will cause SimpleIndex to display image files and open sound and video files in the default media player.