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Some pages in my documents have unwanted barcodes that are being read. How can I exclude these from recognition?

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There are several methods for doing this. The fastest, most effective method is to enter a Template for your barcodes to ensure only barcodes that match a specific pattern will be used for that field.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to define a template to describe your barcode. In this case you can employ these methods:

-Specify the “Barcode Type” for the barcodes you want.

-If the wanted barcodes appear on a coversheet with other barcodes on it, select “Pages with > 1 Barcode” from the “Pages to Process” option.

-If the documents use coversheets and are quite large, it can be more efficient to scan them one at a time. In this case you can select “First Page Only” from the “Pages to Process” option. This will dramatically improve performance as well, since recognition can be skipped for all but the first page.

-You can set the zone coordinates for a Barcode field using the same method as OCR. Barcodes outside this zone will be ignored.

If multiple barcode zones are drawn, all zones will be searched for all barcodes. This means if a barcode matching the template for Field 1 is found in the zone for Field 2 it will still be read. Only barcodes outside of all zones will be ignored.