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Can I scan with a Kofax Adrenaline based scanner interface?

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Yes it is possible to scan with Kofax Adrenaline based scanners using the Adrenaline TWAIN or ISIS data source.

To configure ISIS, you may need to select one of the general Kofax drivers such as “Any Fujitsu Scanner with Adrenaline” or “Kofax Arenaline Scanner”.

To configure the TWAIN data source:

1. Download the Kofax Adrenaline TWAIN Data Source from Kofax Adrenaline Patches

2. Configure a scan source in KSM (in your computer’s Control Panel) called TWAIN SOURCE

3. Select the Kofax Adrenaline TWAIN driver from the Select Scanner dialog in SimpleIndex

There should be little difference in performance due to using the TWAIN interface, and all the Kofax image processing controls will still be available.