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Can SimpleIndex integrate with Microsoft SharePoint?

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SimpleIndex 7.2 introduced integrated SharePoint 2010 and above metadata migration. Find out more at our SharePoint 2010 Scanning page. Any document processed with SimpleIndex can be uploaded directly to your SharePoint document library, and any custom columns or metadata tags can be set automatically using the SimpleIndex index field values.

Integrated custom metadata is only supported in SharePoint 2010 and above. Microsoft .NET 3.5 and the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model are requred. Download the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model here.

To configure SharePoint export, go to the Advanced Options screen in your Job Options and enter the URL of your document library in the SharePoint Document Library URL setting.

In previous versions of SharePoint, the easiest way to integrate with SimpleIndex is to simply map a network drive to the SharePoint document library and set your Output folder to use this drive. SimpleIndex will create folders and name files automatically using your job settings.

In this configuration, only the Title tag is set. You can also use SimpleIndex’s file property feature to set EXIF tags (images) or PDF file properties for the Title, Subject, Author and Keywords tags.

One thing to remember when configuring SimpleIndex jobs for SharePoint is the extra restrictions on filenames in SharePoint. For a detailed list please visit SharePoint File Name Restrictions. When using the integrated SharePoint feature with SharePoint 2010 these invalid characters are automatically replaced when exporting.

There are also several inexpensive or free applications that allow you to upload documents processed with SimpleIndex to SharePoint. These can be useful when you have a slow connection and need the files to upload in the background without slowing down production. Here are two of them:

SharePoint Upload Service

SharePoint 2010 Bulk Document Importer

If your SharePoint integration has requirements not met by these solutions, our Professional Services department will be able to design a SharePoint interface to meet your specifications.