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How do I connect to an existing Access database?

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To connect to an existing Access database go to Options then the Database tab. There is a drop-down list next to the “Start” button. Click the arrow and select “MS Access” then click “Start”.

An Open Database dialog will be displayed. Select the Access MDB you want to use then click “Open”. 

Select the table or query you want to use from the “Table Name” list and click “Reload”. 

The field selectors will now be populated with the list of fields from the table/query you selected. The Image Path stores the path to the image file for each record. Each entry in Database Fields list maps the corresponding Field # from the Index tab to the selected field in the database.

Click apply and your Access Database will be configured.

The Log Field, Log Table, Revision Field/Level and the Full Text and PageCount fields on the Advanced tab are option. See the manual for a description of what these items do.