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LoanStacker offers many benefits to any company that handles mortgage documents.

Click here for a list of ways that LoanStacker saves money and improves productivity in all parts of the loan approval process.

Use our ROI Estimates to find out how much your company will save each month by implementing a paperless mortgage workflow with LoanStacker.

A paperless process will allow:

1. All your employees can log into your loan processing system and view the entire loan file in a PDF format. The entire loan file is delivered from loan officer to processing in a single PDF file, and LoanStacker does the rest.
2. Your employees are no longer limited to one physical location. LoanStacker coupled with a paperless solution, allows your employees to work in the office, branches or even at home. Just think, your staff is not longer limited to be where the file is!
3. With LoanStacker the process has proven to be faster and more organized compared to
4. Cost reduction and efficiency gains
5. Retention is easier and you have more processing transparency