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I finished scanning a batch and found a page that did not get scanned. How can I insert the missing page without rescanning the batch?

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As of version 5.3 no insert page function has been added. However, this can be performed by using the Duplicate and Rescan features.

If the page to be added is part of a multi-page document, go to an indexed page from the same document and click the “Duplicate” button. If it is not a multi-page document then it doesn’t matter which page you duplicate.

When prompted for the number of copies, enter the number of pages you need to add. The current image and index information will be copied this many times and added to the end of the batch.

Now go to each of these pages, insert the page you want to add and click the “Rescan” toolbar button. This will replace the duplicated page with the one left out of the batch. Assign the proper index values and click Save Index for each.