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Simplex versus Duplex scanning is a function of your scanner driver. SimpleIndex uses both TWAIN and ISIS drivers. ISIS drivers are faster for high-speed scanners and are preferred.

To configure duplex on an ISIS scanner:

1 Select “Use ISIS Driver” from the Scan menu if it is not seleced

2 If this is your first time using ISIS, click “Select a Scanner” to select the driver for your scanner

3 Click Display Scanner Settings to display the ISIS driver settings

4 Find the setting for Simplex/Duplex and set appropriately. Each scanner model has a different driver interface. Refer to your scanner’s documentation if you cannot find the duplex setting.

To set the scanner settings using TWAIN:

1 Select “Use TWAIN Driver” from the Scan menu

2 If this is your first time scanning with TWAIN, click “Select a Scanner” and select your scanner

3 If “Display Scanner Settings” is not checked in the Scan menu, click it to select it

4 When you run the job, the scanner settings will be displayed prior to scanning. Find and select the duplex setting there. If you cannot find it, refer to your scanner’s documentation.

When scanning in duplex, you will want to enable automatic blank page deletion. Many scanners have this feature built-in, so check your driver settings to see if there is a blank page deletion option.

If your scanner doesn’t have blank page deletion, use the “Min File Size” setting on the Batch tab of the Options screen to enable it in SimpleIndex. This setting refers to the minimum file size (in bytes) for a page to be considered non-blank. Any file under that size will be deleted. This value varies depending on scan resolution, and does not work with uncompressed files.