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Yes! We’ve made it simple to create a database that you can use to store index information and perform searches with SimpleIndex Retrieval Mode.

Once you have configured a SimpleIndex job to scan and store documents on your network, use these steps to create a database to store index information for searching:

1. On the database tab, make sure “Create Generic Access DB” is selected in the drop-down and click “Start”.

2. Save the Access database in a location accessible to all SimpleIndex users.

All the settings on this form will be filled in automatically after you save the database.

3. Change the “Database Mode” to “Insert New Records”. This means that when the job is run, new records will be added to the database as new files are processed.

4. Save the this configuration.

5. To create a configuration for searching and viewing, simply change the “Database Mode” setting to “Retrieve and View Records”. 

You may wish to change field types on the Index tab to “List”. This will let the users select from a list of possible values for that field when searching.

Save this configuration to a different file and use it when searching. That’s it!