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The first thing the SimpleIndex installer does is launch the Imaging for Windows setup to install the base Imaging components on which SimpleIndex and SimpleQC are based. Imaging for Windows Setup will not run if certain processes are running on your computer.

One known cause of this issue is “qctray.exe”, a network management program present on IBM laptops. Stopping this application in the system tray or task manager resolves the issue.

Some iPods and other portable media devices can also cause this problem. Unplugging the device and shutting down any related software resolves the issue.

Other unknown processes may also cause the problem. Workarounds include shutting down any running programs or system tray icons or ending running processes in Task Manager until setup resumes. If you discover a common program that causes this error, please report it [email protected].

You may also perform a Custom installation and deselect the Imaging for Windows component. Setup will complete, however SimpleIndex will not run until Imaging for Windows is installed, and the standalone Imaging setup will also fail to launch until the offending process is terminated.