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Why are my barcodes not being recognized properly?

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Several factors can affect barcode recognition.

-Scan in Black & White instead of color. Barcode recognition must convert color to B&W which can decrease quality.

-Print barcodes with a laser printer. Dot-matrix barcodes are very difficult to read accurately.

-Check your Zone settings. If there are zone coordinates defined for any barcode fields, only barcodes in those regions will be recognized.

-Check the barcode format. Code 39 (the most common font-based barcode) requires a * at the start and end of each barcode for it to be readable. Many document barcodes are missing this character.

-Check the barcode type. Select “Unknown or All” if you don’t know the type. If you do know the type, select it from the list to prevent false positives.

-Check the Template setting. If the template does not match the barcode exactly it will appear as though no barcode is read. Remove the template to see what is being recognized.

-Check the “Minimum Confidence” value. A higher value will prevent false positives (incorrect values) but may cause fewer barcodes to be read. If a barcode is detected on a page it will be enhanced and re-read until all barcodes are read above the minimum confidence level. 0 will disable re-reading.